Camping des Neiges


All year round, in Tarentaise

Ideally situated at the gateway of three mountain ranges : Lauzière, Beaufortain and Vanoise, Camping des Neiges lies nestled in the heart of typical alpine country where you will find a whole range of different things to do, summer through winter.

Culture and leisure Spa therapy

La Léchère or Brides-les-Bains health resorts offer spa therapy, sauna, Turkish baths…  Brides-les-Bains boasts a casino too !

"The Baroque Paths",a religious heritage trail

“The Baroque Paths” in Tarentaise is a cultural project devised by the FACIM (Foundation to promote international cultural actions in mountain regions). FACIM.

Since the 17th century Baroque art has embellished the churches and chapels of Tarentaise, each holy sanctuary rising from the artist’s faith as a sumptuous visualization of Paradise.

Throughout the year you can admire these magnificent edifices and penetrate the mystery of their construction. Pick up a FACIM brochure in local Tourist Offices for details of visits and guided tours.


"Alpine Land", "rural heritage programme"

“Alpine Land” (“Terre des Alpes”) is a FACIM project exploring rural sites of cultural interest. FACIM.

Observe traditional folk architecture and landscapes, learn about regional produce and the tools necessary for fabrication, meet local craftsmen and farmers : in sum learn more about the roots and the singularity of rural Savoyard culture.

"Stone walls of Savoie", history and heritage programme

“Stone walls of Savoie” (“Pierres fortes de Savoie”) is yet another FACIM project. FACIM.

The growth and survival of the Royal House of Savoy was based largely upon its long-lasting control of strategic mountain cols and the roads leading to Italy, all powerfully protected by fortresses and strongholds. Learn all about this significant role as “Gate-keeper” of the Alps… a thousand years of Tarentaise history within your grasp.

Museums,things to see and places to visit

The Petit Saint Bernard pass (on the Italian border) : learn about the history of the pass and its hospice, visit the Chanousia alpine botanical garde.

Conflans, a medieval town : situated on the old Roman road which wound from Milan to Vienna via the Petit St Bernard Pass, Conflans has witnessed the passage of many a merchant, peddler or pilgrim.

The Tignes  dam and its fresco “The Giant”.

Peisey-Nancroix and its Mining Museum.

Champagny-le-Haut : A pristine valley, high up in the mountains.

Spectacular views

  • Glacier Valley : 2,000 – 3,800 m (6,561 – 12,467 ft)
  • Lancebranlette : 2,928m (9,606 ft)
  • Mount Jovet : 2, 558m (8,392 ft)
  • The Quermoz : 2, 296 m (7,532 ft)
  • The Pierra Menta : 2, 714m (8,904 ft)
  • The Grande Motte : 3, 653m (11,984 ft)

Beaufort cheese and "Tarine" dairy cows

Undoubtedly the finest and tastiest of French pressed cheeses, traditional Savoyard Beaufort is produced in the area around the town of Beaufort (from where it gets its name!) as well as in the Tarentaise and Maurienne districts. It is said to acquire its distinct flavour from the Alpine pastures where the Tarine and Abondance (local breeds) herds are set to graze during the summer months.
Check it out for yourself at the local dairy cooperative in Moutiers.

Local markets

Throughout the year, local tradesmen set up stall to sell their ware and their produce. A trip to one of the many Tarentaise markets is probably the best way of getting to know more about the region, the people who live and work here and our specialities.

For further information, please contact the tourist Information Centre in Moutiers. Some activities are not without risk and it is preferable to seek help and advice from a professional.